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Listen: “Summersong” by The DecemberistsImage

My apologies for our online absence; Lesley is off studying in Cambridge, and I just got back from vacationing with my family, Mickey Mouse, and Sequoia trees (more on that in another post). But now I’m back and ready for cooking action. We have a store of fun recipes to share, and I just went on a library spree… so watch out, interwebs!

A few weeks ago, I was craving salsa. Dying for it, really. So I chopped, mixed, and marinated the best summer salsa there is– sweet and spicy peach salsa!Image

I modified this recipe from She Wears Many Hats. This is what I used:Image

Due to the number of ingredients, this is the most cost-intensive recipe I have posted thus far. But I had a ball visiting Safeway and selecting fruits. Then I went home, blasted Two Door Cinema Club, and danced about my kitchen with my purchases.

To make salsa, all you really need to do is dice! Some ingredients (cucumber, jalapeno, apricot, bell pepper, onion) were easier to dice than others (tomato, peach). Image

Our friend Laura gave me a trick for dicing tomatos that made the process much cleaner. Cut the tomato into slices, but before you dice, clean out seeds and juice and place in a separate bowl. You can use the juice later, and it makes the rest of the dicing process a breeze.

For the peaches, I sliced horizontal sections around the seed, and then held the peach vertically and cut downward. That resulted in cubes of peach, although there was some peach left clinging to the seed (I gave it to my mother as a thanks for letting me take over the kitchen with my fruits and musical jams).

When you have finished dicing all of the fruits and vegetables, mix them all together in a large bowl. I would suggest putting the sturdier elements in first, and leaving the softer ones (especially the peach and apricot) for last. Once mixed, add in the lime juice, excess tomato juice (optional), cilantro, sugar, and spices. Cover with plastic wrap and let chill. Salsa is best when it has marinated for a while, so letting the salsa pre-game in your fridge for a while will make for an optimal party in your mouth. Image

I served my salsa with homemade crackers the first time (which Les was a fan of), but I also ate it with tortilla chips, and slices of portobello mushrooms with cheese (which was my personal favorite).Image

To make the crackers, I thinly sliced a french baguette. In a small bowl, I made my bread a “bath” of olive oil, dried oregano, brown sugar, and salt. I lightly dipped each slice of bread in the liquid, placed leaves of basil on top, and baked in the oven at 350 degrees until crisp. Image

I served my salsa alongside an awesome salad by Lesley (which also contained apricots… we are so N’Sync we occasionally bust out 90’s tunes), bbq expertly grilled by our friend William, dancing, and friendship.

It looked like a sunset and tasted like summer.

– Kaiya

P.S. Our bestie Marissa is a snarky New York journalist now, and featured thecookingcollegestudents on one of her articles! Check it out here.